Without a doubt the most famous weapon of all time; a symbol of strength, honor, royalty and respect; it has won wars, defied nations, and revolutionized civilizations throughout the history of mankind. From knights, kings, ninjas, pirates, Vikings and samurai to revolutionaries, Civil War generals and World War I cavalry officers, almost every warrior and soldier of old wielded some form of the mighty sword. 

Famed and fabled by literature and Hollywood, many legends, heroes and villains lived and died by this mighty blade, but what about today? What place does this long piece of majestic steel have in the modern world? Although many modern swords are specifically designed to be seen and not really used, the attraction and art of the sword is still very much alive around the world, like in the sport of fencing for example: 

Fencing is one of only five sports that have been contested at every summer Olympic Games since 1896… The competition rules and fencing weapons used have varied a little over the history of the modern Olympics. Three types of weapons are used in the sport of Olympic fencing today: the Foil, Épée and Sabre. The singlestick was featured in the 1904 Olympic Games, but it was already declining in popularity at that time.” // Source

Parades, ceremonies, cosplay, material arts exhibits, the “art of war” training exercises and battle reenactments think (Medieval Times) also keep the spirit of the sword alive and well; we also hear they’re very good for slaying zombies at close range. In addition to its modern relevance and rich history, a sword is probably one of the most meaningful and coolest gifts you can give someone — especially someone you respect. 

From cutting, piercing, slicing and killing to high guards, low guards, undercuts and overcuts; there is much to learn about sword fighting and its evolution. But what sword is best? The answer is simple: it depends on what you need it for.

Between sabers, katanas, long swords, shorts swords, European swords and Oriental swords to fantasy, historical and decorative swords, we’ve got the edge that’ll help you sharpen your sword skills: SHOP SWORDS